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Laboratory small spray drying instrument micro spray dryer QFN-9000Y can be customized - Taobao

实验室小型喷雾干燥仪器 微型喷雾干燥机 QFN-9000Y 可定制 包邮-淘宝网

S$265.31(CNY ¥1300.00)
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Product Description: Experimental spray dryer (small spray dryer) is mainly used in universities, research institutes and food and pharmaceutical companies to produce micro-particle powders, which have wide applicability to all solutions such as emulsions and suspensions. It is suitable for the drying of heat sensitive substances such as biological products, biological pesticides, enzyme preparations and the like. Since the ejected material is subjected to high temperature and is instantaneously heated only when sprayed into a mist, these active materials maintain their active ingredients after drying. A wide range of applications: beverages, spices and pigments, milk, egg products, plant and vegetable extracts, pharmaceutical synthetic thermosensitive plastics, polymers and resins, fragrances, blood products, ceramics and superconducting biochemicals, dye soaps and Detergents, foods, adhesives, oxides, bone meal and tooth powder, etc. Main features: 1. Select the concentric coaxial atomizer designed by Qiao Feng, the nozzle aperture can be customized; 2. Use the wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant 16# silicone tube to meet the transportation needs of most heat-sensitive materials; The device is an in-line peristaltic pump, precise speed control, safer in one-way rotation; 4. High-borosilicate glass drying assembly with good light transmission and acid and alkali resistance; 5. High-quality aluminum alloy for clamps of fixed components Material construction, fastening and durable without dead angle; 6, cyclone separator and bag type dust removal device can be switched to use, can be used for screening and collecting materials of different particle sizes; 7. Use Taiwan imported oil-free air compressor, low pollution, low noise , sustainable work; 8, using high-precision PID temperature control technology, temperature control accuracy range of 1 ° C, electric heating heat source is more environmentally friendly. 9. Intelligent human-computer interaction interface, easy to operate, support Chinese and English switching 10. Dry finished powder, its granularity is more uniform, more than 95% of dry powder is in the same particle size range. 11. For the sticky material, there is a nozzle cleaner (through needle), which will automatically clear when the nozzle is blocked, and the frequency of the needle can be automatically adjusted. 12. The stainless steel drying chamber can be used for purging the tower wall. 12. Accept custom (such as fully equipped imported parts, appearance sandblasting, design models according to the laboratory environment, etc.) Equipment parameters:

产品说明: 实验型喷雾干燥机(小型喷雾干燥机)主要适用于高校、研究所和食品医药化工企业实验室生产微量颗粒粉末,对所有溶液如乳浊液、悬浮液具有广泛适用性。 适用于对热敏感性物的干燥如生物制品、生物农药、酶制剂等。因为所喷出的物料只是在喷成雾状时才受到高温且是瞬间受热,所以这些活性材料在干燥后仍维持其活性成份不变。 多种应用领域: 饮料、香料和色素、牛奶、蛋制品、植物和蔬菜提取液、制药合成热敏物质塑料、聚合物和树脂、芳香剂、血制品、制陶和超导体生化制品、染料肥皂和洗涤剂、食品、黏合剂、氧化物、骨粉和牙粉等等。 主要特点: 1、选用乔枫自主设计的同心同轴雾化器,喷嘴孔径可定制; 2、选用耐磨耐腐蚀的16#硅胶管,可满足大多数热敏性物料的输送需求; 3、输料装置为内嵌式蠕动泵,精准控速,单向转动更安全; 4、配套透光性好,且耐酸碱的高硼硅玻璃干燥组件; 5、固定组件的卡箍选用高品质铝合金材质打造,紧固耐用无死角; 6、旋风分离器与袋式除尘装置可切换使用,可对不同粒径物料进行筛分收集; 7、选用台湾进口无油空压机,污染小,噪声低,可持续工作; 8、采用高精度PID温控技术,温控精度范围1℃,电加热热源稳定更环保。 9. 智能人机互动界面,操作简单,支持中、英文切换 10. 干燥后的成品干粉,其颗粒度较均匀,95%以上的干粉在同一颗粒度范围。 11.针对黏性物料,设有喷咀清洁器(通针),在喷咀被堵塞时,会自动清除,通针的频率可自动调整。 12.不锈钢干燥室可做塔壁吹扫。 12.接受定制(如全配进口配件,外观喷砂,根据实验室环境设计机型等) 设备参数:

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