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Shanghai Yarong RE-52A/AA RE-52CS Rotary Evaporator Laboratory Rotary Evaporator Rotary Steamer-tmall.com Tmall

上海亚荣RE-52A/AA RE-52CS旋转蒸发器实验室旋转蒸发仪旋蒸仪-tmall.com天猫

S$61.22(CNY ¥300.00)
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Product Description: The rotary evaporator is a device that uses a rotary evaporation flask (flask) to increase the evaporation area while being placed in a water bath under reduced pressure while heating, so that the solution in the bottle is diffused and evaporated. It is an ideal basic instrument for chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, universities and research laboratories for the production and analysis of experiments based on concentration, drying and recycling. Product features: The heating pot is equipped with a full transparent protective cover, heat preservation, energy saving, explosion-proof, splash-proof, anti-pollution. The main metal is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Technical parameters: Model RE-52ARE-5285A host: 0-150 rpm, electronic stepless speed regulation, hand wheel screw lift, reliable 0-150 rpm, electronic stepless speed regulation, micro motor drive, up and down automatically Lifting temperature: automatic control room temperature -99 degree digital display automatic control room temperature -99 degree digital display heating pot: stainless steel Teflon composite pot transparent cover stainless steel Teflon compound pot transparent cover voltage: -220V/50HZ total power: 1000W cooler : Vertical, laminated with ice container, with valve type feeding tube for continuous feeding vertical, additional material tube, large condensing tube, large evaporation tube, evaporation rate is higher than the same instrument factory standard: collection bottle 24 mouth 500ml one, Rotating (eggplant) bottle 250ml one

产品描述:旋转式蒸发器是采用旋转蒸发瓶(烧瓶),增大蒸发面积在减压下置于水浴中一边旋转,一边加热的装置,使瓶内溶液扩散蒸发。是化学工业,医药工业,高等院校和科研实验室等单位用于制造及分析实验赖以浓缩,干燥,回收等较为理想的基本仪器。  产品特点:加热锅设有全透明防护罩,保温,节能,防爆,防溅,防污染主要金属采用耐腐蚀不锈钢制造。 技术参数: 型号RE-52ARE-5285A主机:0-150转/分,电子无级调速,手轮丝杆升降,可靠0-150转/分,电子无级调速,微电机驱动,上下自动升降温度:自动控制室温-99度数字显示自动控制室温-99度数字显示加热锅:不锈钢特氟隆复合锅透明罩不锈钢特氟隆复合锅透明罩电压:-220V/50HZ总功率:1000W冷却器:立式,夹层有加冰容器,附阀门式加料管,供连续加料立式,附加料管,大冷凝管,大蒸发管,蒸发率大于同类仪器出厂标配:收集瓶24口500ml一个, 旋转(茄形)瓶250ml一个

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