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Covos/Ecovacs Dibao Magic Drill (BFD-wwt) Sweeping Robot Mirror S CEN540-LG-Taobao.com

科沃斯/Ecovacs 地宝魔钻(BFD-wwt) 扫地机器人魔镜S CEN540-LG-淘宝网

S$163.06(CNY ¥799.00)
* Price is subject to change. Please refer to Taobao for the most updated price.

The difference between the magic mirror S and the magic drill WWT: 1. The magic drill is used for sweeping and separating. When the floor is mopped, the dust box needs to be replaced as a water tank. The mirror S is a sweeping and dragging one, which is more convenient to use; 2. The mirror S can be used for APP intelligence. Control, magic drill is the traditional remote control operation 3, magic drill body 7.6 cm, thinner than the magic mirror S 9.2 cm, cleaning under the sofa is more convenient! 4, the magic drill is imported brushless motor, the noise is lower! Magic Drill Water Tank 300ml, Mirror s Water Tank 220ml Product Description: Brand new authentic, can be directly photographed, shipped within 24 hours. Authentic guarantee: This shop is sold in brand new unopened authentic licensed, honesty! High quality and low price: This shop adheres to the principle of small profits but quick turnover, insists on high quality and low price, and gives customers the greatest benefits! Let you have fun shopping, and go with satisfaction! Fast delivery: The goods sold will be shipped within 24 hours without special circumstances. According to the product attributes, the express delivery logistics such as Zhongtong, Debang and SF will be issued by default. If the customer needs to send other courier, please contact customer service in time, the store will meet your needs to the greatest extent. After-sales protection: All the products sold are guaranteed by the nationwide warranty service, so that you can worry about after-sales! The following is the introduction of CEN550, CEN540 and WWT-BFD are similar in function, the difference is APP function and shape color, the function is similar, you can consult customer service ha ~

魔镜S与魔钻WWT的区别: 1、魔钻为扫拖分离,拖地时需要更换尘盒为水箱,魔镜S为扫拖一体,使用上更方便; 2、魔镜S可用APP智能操控,魔钻是传统的遥控器操作 3、魔钻机身7.6厘米,比魔镜S 9.2厘米更薄,沙发底下清扫更加方便! 4、魔钻是进口无刷电机,噪音更低! 魔钻水箱300ml , 魔镜s水箱220ml 商品介绍:全新正品,可直接拍下,24小时内发货。 正品保证: 本店所售均为全新未拆封正品行货,诚信为本! 优质低价: 本店本着薄利多销的原则,坚持优质低价,给客户最大的实惠!让您开心来购物,满意而去! 快速发货: 所售商品无特殊情况都会在24小时内发货,根据商品属性默认发中通、德邦、顺丰等快递物流。如客户需发其他快递,请及时与客服联系,本店会最大程度满足您的需求。 售后保障: 所售商品皆享受全国联保服务,让您售后无忧! 以下是CEN550的介绍,CEN540与WWT-BFD的功能都是差不多的,区别就是APP功能及外形颜色,功能大同小异,具体可以咨询客服哈~

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