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Chanel / Chanel 2018 early spring new Greek mythology red messenger bag small bag - Taobao

Chanel/香奈儿2018早春新款希腊神话红色邮差包小号 包-淘宝网

S$5265.31(CNY ¥25800.00)
* Price is subject to change. Please refer to Taobao for the most updated price.

Credit card payment is charged 1% of the handling fee. The low price of the store does not include the handling fee. If you need credit card payment, please inform all the goods sold, including the reservation, the spot, the purchase of the goods, and do not accept the code number and the style is not suitable and require the return. It is recommended to try on the counter or measure the size and shoot again. If you take a photo, you will not receive a refund in the middle of the purchase reservation mode. This shop is for purchasing nature, does not accept seven days no reason to return the goods merchandise logistics method using [SF insured to pay] no bargaining / not shipping · counter genuine · purchasing cycle is short 1. About small ticket: but if several goods are the same small Tickets, small tickets will be provided to the largest customer, and other customers will provide a copy of the small ticket. Small items will not be available for some small items. Please note! 2. About the color difference: Please take the real thing as the main. The owner can't predict how much difference you think and the real thing. It is even more impossible to make the picture exactly the same as the real thing. If you can't tolerate the color difference, please think twice. All the first-line brand luxury goods are not 100% perfect. They are basically hand-made by hand. Some people don't like to take a magnifying glass to pick up the problem. It is not expensive or the best. The expensive one is not without defects. So, let alone things. The store will not send a fake or sample to the pro. Unless the buyer agrees, the store does not purchase counter samples to the buyer, the condition of the goods is truthfully informed. 3. The price of this store will fluctuate according to the international exchange rate. 4. Regarding the packaging, the bags of the bags and shoes are not included. We do not have boxes when considering safety. Fan Fan shopkeepers will not be cherished for the corruption or how the goods are transported. Before shipment, we will cooperate with SF to carefully package and deliver it perfectly.

信用卡支付收取1%的手续费 本店报价低不包含手续费,需信用卡支付请告知 所有出售的商品,包括预定,现货,代购的货品,均不接受码数不合及款式不合而要求退换。建议去专柜试穿或量好尺寸再拍请拍下。 拍下就进入采购预定模式不接受中途退款。 本店为代购性质,不接收七天无理由退换货 本店商品物流方式采用【顺丰保价到付】 不议价·不包邮·专柜正品·代购周期短 1.关于小票:但如果几个商品同一張小票,小票會提供給金額最大的客戶,其他客戶提供小票複印件。部分商品小额將不提供小票。請知悉! 2.关于色差:请以实物为主。店主无法预料您想像的和实物差别有多大。更无法把图片拍成和实物一模一样。不能容忍色差者请三思。所有一线品牌奢侈品并非百分百完美,基本都是人手手工制作而出,不欢迎有些亲喜欢拿放大镜去挑毛病的,不是贵的就是最好的,贵的也不是没有缺陷的,人亦如此,何况物。本店也不会发一件瑕疵品或样品给亲。非经买家同意本店不代购专柜样品给买家,商品状况如实告知。 3.本店定价根据国际汇率商品会有上下浮动。 4.关于包装.包包鞋子的盒子统统不带,考虑安全的情况下我们不带盒子。范范店主也不会不爱惜商品运输压坏或怎么样。发货前都会合作顺丰仔细包装完美发出。

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