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[A group of deadlines] mystic messenger mystery messenger 707 ray doll dolls - Taobao

【一团截止】mystic messenger 神秘信使 707 ray娃娃 玩偶-淘宝网

S$144.29(CNY ¥707.00)
* Price is subject to change. Please refer to Taobao for the most updated price.

One account can only shoot one at a time, multiple shots will cancel the order and will be shipped slowly after the order is taken. Do not remind the first batch of the last spot, the sale is not guaranteed! [About reseller] Because there are a lot of people asking, I will consider reopening, but it depends on the schedule... I will only have basic clothes when I open it, I will definitely not sell the replacement clothes again (because it will increase the packaging). Workload)

一个账号每样只能拍一个,多拍会取消订单 拍下后会慢慢发货,勿催 第一批最后一点现货,售完无补! 【关于再贩】 因为问的人有点多,所以会考虑再开,但是要看时间安排了... 再开只会有基础衣服,肯定不会再贩售替换衣服了(因为会增加打包的工作量)

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